and the search begins… STORIFY!

I feel the need to throw up jazz hands when saying “storify” (in an emphatic, but breathy Broadway-esque voice). Myriad of ideas come to mind when I try to hone in a qualified topic to storify per the final assignment for Week 1. What mundane, possibly overly complicated and perhaps uninteresting topic can I “storify” and bring to life through media? Some are (in no particular order):

1) How to change the oil in my car

2) Bipartisan-ism

3) Water hammer (a problem, I will have to inevitably address)

4) Stocks/Finance

5) Differential calculus

6) Financial aid – how to apply for it and the right ones

7) How to make sausage

This IS difficult! Well, this is a start. To be continued…


One thought on “and the search begins… STORIFY!

  1. These are all worthy ideas, so keep those Jazz hands in shape. I am going to ask you to revisit this idea each week so you have some ideas ready to work with for your final class. This is really a brainstorming process.

    I might suggest taking one of these each week, and writing about them in more depth- elaborate on why they are mundane or overly complicated, and what a story might be able to do to improve the communication of the activity/topic. It is not necessarily to replace they way something is explained, but maybe to introduce it, to gain interest, maybe like a movie trailer does for a movie. So maybe each weak for this assignment, you could expand on each of these….

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