Welcome to the mix…

I’m mixing things up a bit and doing things a little out of sequence than how the Week 1 assignment was intended. After finding some “balance” between work, life, school after a sick week, I’m slowly making my way through WordPress, trying to upgrade my blog site to one that is appealing, engaging and inventive. I remember creating a blog before I moved to Egypt in ’07 as a way to keep my friends and family informed of my life in Cairo; it seemed so much easier to set up that blog and manage it. But, I’m keeping in mind the advice of Alan Levine (cogdog), our professor,  that the course is about the exploratory process and thought behind the story and not just the mechanics of getting the grade or posting to the blog. I’m catching up this week and though the process of figuring things out has been a challenge, I am enjoying the thought-provoking video clips, articles and just the vastness of this ds106 arena. There’s so much to learn and do!  So, welcome to my blog. I hope you stick around and pop in from time-to-time to engage!

A weekend jaunt to Jordan's Waadi Rum,  when leaving in Egypt.

A weekend jaunt to Jordan’s Waadi Rum, when leaving in Egypt.